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Hi designers! Today we’re bringing you a collection of some of the best single page websites from around the web for your design inspiration today! Single page website design is a current trend in web design and is very popular the world over especially for websites that do not have a lot of content to display yet are more visual and design oriented.

These one page websites look especially great for photographers, visual artists, designers and artists to showcase their work and use these websites as their portfolio. Having a great visual display, people can easily upload some of their best works online and at the same time tell a little about themselves to other people. Single page website design is easy to maintain and is based on the less is more philosophy, so try not to cram a lot of information into small or limited spaces. Use negative space to your advantage, as you’ll find plenty of it in one page website design.

Single page websites are great to work with as you can add effects and animation, audio and video and lots more and they look great as you scroll down the page. Since it is only one page to work with, the effects look really great and gives you ample room to play around for your designs, so think big, bold and creative with these single page website designs and use these for your next web designs!


Best Single Page Website


Best Single Page Websites


Best Single Page Website Designs


Best Single Page Website Design


Single Page Website Designs

Reverend Danger

Single Page Website Design


Single Page Website Design

Merry Christmas

One Page Website Designs


One Page Website Design

Guts & Glory

One Page Website Design

Selfie Revolution

One Page Websites Designs


One Page Websites Design

Open Colleges

One Page Website Design


Single Page Website Design

Adapt a Website

Single Page Websites Design


Single Page Website Designs


Single Page Websites Designs

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