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Robots will always remain fascinating for people of all ages. Part of their popularity and charm is due to their characterisation in films, literature and the media.

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Navigation and map tools have changed with time and access to modern ways of interacting with technology. Use our 75+ Flat Maps and Navigation Icons, if you’re thinking of designing…

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Here is a delightful collection of some 125+ Smileys Vector Icons. You won’t have to mask your emotions with these wonderful smiley vectors.

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Business will be booming when you start using these business charts line icons. In this pack today, we are bringing you a set of some 125+ Business Charts Line Icons.

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Deals are being made and broken every day in the world of real estate, and since it’s a fast paced world, there is plenty of opportunity for designers and artists…

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This is an awesome music colored icons available for you to download without wasting your time, because this pack contains a wide range of colorful music icons.