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Today’s collection of over 400 Arrows Vector Icons will be perfect for your media and playlist collection designs. With arrows pointing in all directions, you’ll find this collection a must…

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Celebrate the party season in style! Welcome all your party and celebration designs with our collection of these absolutely wonderful party and celebration vector icons! Whatever party theme you have…

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If you’re looking for simple line icons for your infographic design, then this set of 100+ Infographic Line Icons is just for you. Designed in neat little lines, with minimalist…

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Enjoy this exclusive set of more than 250 Food Vector Icons Pack. In this mixed set of useful food icons, you’ll find everything related to food, drinks, desserts, fruits, vegetables,…

  • weather-1
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Here is an awesome collection of 60 Weather Colored Lined Icons. Use these amazing Weather icons in a variety of ways. Whenever you need to add clouds, lightning, thunderstorm, sky…

  • professions-1

Features Ready to use transparent PNG files Easy to change colors or edit shapes in any vector tool such as illustrator Fully resizable vector graphics

  • Electronics-1
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The wiry world of electronics might leave your mind in tangles, but designing for it doesn’t have to! That’s why, today we’ve gathered for you a collection of more than…

  • halloween-1
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Looking for cool Halloween vector icons to add a bit of spunk to your designs? We have a treat in store for you! You will love this collection of 125+…

  • medical-1
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Here is a collection of a 100 Medical Flat Color Icons in a variety of different colors and shapes. All of these medical icons cover the world of medicine be…