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Become a travel junkie again with these 100+ Maps and Navigation Vector Icons. Today’s collection of maps and navigation vector icons are made just for you, if you find your…

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Take your chance to get the best music hand drawn doodle icons. This pack of hand drawn doodle icons consists of elegantly designed and curated music instruments. These hand drawn…

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Explore all the different forms of communication that you use in today’s fast paced world with these 175+ Communication Colored Line Icons.

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Are you looking for one comprehensive collection of flat universal web icons? Then today’s set of these 75+ Flat Universal Web Icons is just for you!

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Play to a different tune today as you find your way amongst these 100 Music and Multimedia Icons. This collection includes icons from music, multimedia and entertainment themes, and all…

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Looking for an extensive library of electronics vector icons? Use from this collection of 125+ Electronics Vector Icons. Covering everything related to electronics, from devices, portals, machinery, symbols and much…

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Here is a wonderful 90+ Medical Icons Set for all you budding designers out there! These neat little icons will be an excellent addition to your design library.