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  • furniture-1
  • furniture-2

This collection gives you awesome piece of furniture colored icons which can help you to utilize these icons in your print, web and illustrative designing work.

  • Furniture-01
  • Furniture-02

Modern furniture websites are all the rage these days. They look chic and stylish and provide a attractive showcase of the latest collection in furniture.

  • aircraft-and-ship-1
  • aircraft-and-ship-2

We all love our flying fantasies, so why not give them a new flavour today with these 100+ Aircraft and Ship Icons! In this special set of icons, you will…

  • business-and-office-1
  • business-and-office-2
  • business-and-office-3
  • business-and-office-4
  • business-and-office-5

Welcome to the world of business and office marketing! Here is a collection of more than a 100 Business and Office Icons for all your business and office related design…

  • fashion-1
  • fashion-2
  • fashion-3
  • fashion-4
  • fashion-5

Find the amazing fashion vector icons in this collection which are extremely good in shape, creatively designed and well-crafted by the designer.

  • science-1
  • science-2
  • science-3

Enter the world of scientific discovery and enjoy your design experiments with this pack of 150+ Science Colored Line Icons. Designed creatively with minimal details, these wonderful little science line…

  • cinema-1
  • cinema-2
  • cinema-3

Bring your love for the cinema and the moving pictures to the forefront when you’re creating your cinema and movie themed designs. In our collection today, we are bringing you…

  • finance-1
  • finance-2

Here is a collection of some 100 Banking and Finance Icons for all you creative designers out there looking for some unique finance elements. These icons are made available for…

  • food-1
  • food-2
  • food-3
  • food-4
  • food-5

Enjoy this exclusive set of 300 hand drawn food vector icons pack. In this mixed set of useful food doodles icons, you’ll find everything related to food, drinks, desserts, fruits,…