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  • christmas-1
  • christmas-2

Get this simple and elegant collection of Christmas colored line icons. It provides you a wide range of Christmas colored line icons which shows holiday season, winter and celebration.

  • electronics-hand-drawn-1
  • electronics-hand-drawn-2
  • electronics-hand-drawn-3
  • electronics-hand-drawn-4

The appeal of the hand drawn never fades away. That is why, today we have put together some 160 Electronics Hand Drawn Icons just for you. If you have an…

  • spa-1
  • spa-2
  • spa-3

Looking to create a unique, appealing beauty or spa advertisement for the web? Or if you want to create a website or blog dedicated to those in service of beauty…

  • data-storage-1
  • data-storage-2
  • data-storage-3
  • data-storage-4
  • data-storage-5

  • 1-Shopping
  • 2-Shopping
  • 3-Shopping

There will always be an appeal for hand drawn illustration whenever we talk about modern graphic design and art. The hand drawn illustration style will never go out of style.

  • Credit-Card-Payments-1
  • Credit-Card-Payments-2
  • Credit-Card-Payments-3
  • Credit-Card-Payments-4

As modern ways of online shopping change and evolve with technology and new modes of transaction appear, paying through online credit card has become a new method. So, today we…

  • weapons-1
  • weapons-2
  • weapons-3
  • weapons-4

This pack is full of classic and creatively crafted weapon icons. This collection of Weapon Icons has guns, swords, bullets, missiles, armor tools and other warfare utilities.

  • industrial-processes-1
  • industrial-processes-2

Looking for ways to show industrial processes? Then today’s collection of these 100+ Industrial Processes Icons will be just what you need to decorate and create your designs.

  • files-and-folders-1
  • files-and-folders-2

Files and folders are a great way to share and organize your data, whether online or in real life. So, if you’re looking for a way to show files and…