Inspiring Examples of Swapped Logos

Hello designers! Today, we’ll be talking to you about some quirky designs of swapped logos as your design inspiration for today. You might have came across many examples of company logos that have attracted a lot of attention and are readily recognized and identifiable everywhere. But what happens when two logos meet and unit to make unique logo? The answer to that lies in the various swapped logos below that have been designed with the very purpose of creating a logo redesign with a bit of quirky creativity!

When you see these famous company logos, you’ll notice how the design has been combined cleverly of two different logos, keeping the same colours and fonts but changing the name and title. It’s fun to see how swapped logos look like and you’ll certainly want to see how the original logos look like after you see these swapped logos. With design, that’s the best thing when you’re creating something. There are no boundaries to art or design, so you shouldn’t create one for yourself. Try your hand at making your own logo redesign and experiment with famous company logos like the ones below and see if you can mimic their style!

Facebook - Swapped Logo

Google+ - Swapped Logo

Twitter - Swapped Logo

Tumblr - Swapped Logo

Pinterest - Swapped Logo

InstaGram - Swapped Logo

Youtube - Swapped Logo

Skype - Swapped Logo

Whatsapp - Swapped Logo

Vimeo - Swapped Logo

Vine - Swapped Logo

Linkedin - Swapped Logo

Askfm - Swapped Logo

Soundcloud - Swapped Logo

Spotify - Swapped Logo

Behance - Swapped Logo

Dribbble - Swapped Logo

WordPress - Swapped Logo

My Space - Swapped Logo

Foursquare - Swapped Logo

Waze - Swapped Logo

Kik - Swapped Logo

wechat - Swapped Logo

Line- Swapped Logo

Viber - Swapped Logo

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  1. Hahaha……creative and funny.


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