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150 Sports Vector Icons

Welcome to sports season! If you’re looking for sports vector icons for your next sports related design, here is a collection of a 150 Sports Vector Icons that includes everything you will ever need when it comes to sports designs.

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500 Line Vector Icons

This extensive collection is all you’ll need to make your Line Vector Icons library. In this collection, we are putting together easily customizable icons, available in a variety of formats, so you have complete freedom to use and edit them as you wish.

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300 iOS and Android Vector Icons

In our exclusive pack today, we are bringing you more than 300 iOS and Android Vector Icons. If you’re thinking of designing an iOS or Android app or interface, or simply a website compatible with these operating systems, these icons will surely come in handy, so download and save in your design library right away!

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100+ Education Vector Icons Pack

This Education Vector Icons Pack comes with a large collection of education related tools and icons, scholars, books, notebooks, pens, stationary, badges, medals, charts and other graphic representation of everything and anything related to the world of education.

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100+ Medical Vector Icons Pack

Here is a collection of more than a 100 Medical Vector Icons that covers a wide area of medical and health topics. These neat little icons cover everything from medicine, heart rate, organs, treatment, medical tools and aid, hospital elements etc.

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250+ Food Vector Icons Pack

Enjoy this exclusive set of more than 250 Food Vector Icons Pack. In this mixed set of useful food icons, you’ll find everything related to food, drinks, desserts, fruits, vegetables, in short anything and everything related to food and the culinary arts.

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