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Hello designers! In our exclusive pack today, we are bringing you more than 300 iOS and Android Vector Icons. If you’re thinking of designing an iOS or Android app or interface, or simply a website compatible with these operating systems, these icons will surely come in handy, so download and save in your design library right away!

This vector icon pack comes in a large collection, so you’ll find anything from icons, arrows, play/pause buttons, symbols, call and signal signs, mathematical signs, locks, light and many others. These are more than 300 so you’ll find this a useful pack to download and use as you see fit.

300 VECTOR ICONS For iOS 8 , iOS 7, Android and Websites

  • In different categories, designed pixel
  • Perfect and ready for iOS 8, iOS 7, Android and Websites
  • Outlined icons ready to use in iOS applications and designs
  • You can easily change their color, size, or orientation

What’s Included?

  • 1 AI File
  • 1 EPS File
  • 1 PDF File
  • 1 PSD File
  • 1 CSH File
  • 1 JPG Preview
  • 600 SVG Files (With Stroke, Without Stroke)
  • 300 PNG FIles

Hope you’d like it!