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Looking for ways to show the energy sector using vectors? Use today’s collection of these amazing 150 Energy Vector Icons, because you will find everything you need related to energy in these vector icons.

From windmills, solar panels, batteries, bulbs, gasoline, factories, electricity, power grids, water faucets, magnets, and even nuclear energy, we have it all covered in this collection of energy vector icons.

So, if you’re making a design related to energy and are searching for ways to represent the energy sector’s various features, you will find these energy vector icons just perfect. Download and use today!


  • Ready to use transparent PNG files
  • Easy to change colors or edit shapes in any vector tool such as illustrator
  • Fully re sizable vector graphics


  • 2 AI Files (With or Without Stroke)
  • 2 EPS Files (With or Without Stroke)
  • 2 PDF Files (With or Without Stroke)
  • 1 JPG File
  • 1 PSD File
  • 1 CSH File (Photoshop Shapes)
  • 150 SVG Files
  • 750 PNG (48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px)