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250+ Finance Colored Icons

Here’s a wonderful collection of over 250 Finance Colored Icons, with numerous themes all related to finance and economics. With so many icons to choose from, you will find designing your next finance related design website, blog or app an easy job.

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400+ Arrows Vector Icons

Today’s collection of over 400 Arrows Vector Icons will be perfect for your media and playlist collection designs. With arrows pointing in all directions, you’ll find this collection a must have if you’re looking for a handy set of media playlist buttons.

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125+ Education Vector Icons – Vol 2

Here is the collection of fantastic education vector icons covering almost everything on learning, writing, education and skills development. It’s a great combination of vector icons to be used by schools, colleges and coaching centers while publishing their books or pamphlets.

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125+ Trees Vector Icons Pack

This is an awesome collection of trees vector icons which would be quite useful for various assignments. Professional graphic designers can get a lot of help from this pack, they can use in the designing of logos, stationery, pamphlets and other promotional print material.

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School and Education Vector Icons

Looking for a scholarly theme for your next design? Look no further! In this pack, we are bringing you a collection of School and Education Vector Icons that come in a solid white colour with minimal details, making it easier for you to resize and edit as per your desire.

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150 Travel Vector Icons

There’s a globetrotter in all of us and everyone has had the travel bug at least once in their life. If you’re looking back on your travel times, and are reminiscing about your old adventures, or if you’re planning to make some new travel stories, then get some inspiration from these wonderful 150 Travel Vector Icons.

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