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Making a chat messaging design or interface? We have just the right thing for you, with these 70 Chat Messages Icons. With the largest chat messages icons you’ll ever find, these icons will make your chat and social network app look professional and truly remarkable.

Use these chat messages icons with their two different icon styles, (outline and filled) and use them wherever you feel the need to show chats, group chats and other important chat functions.

No chat application or design should be complete without these chat messages icons. Download and use today!


  • 2 Different Icon Styles (Outline and Filled)
  • 5 Different Sizes (48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px)
  • Easy to modify vector files
  • Separated PNG and SVG Files
  • Easy to play with stroke thickness
  • 2 AI Files (Line and Filled)
  • 2 EPS Files (Line and Filled)
  • 2 PDF Files (Line and Filled)
  • 2 JPG Files (Line and Filled)
  • 2 CSH Files (Line and Filled)
  • 2 PSD Files (Line and Filled)
  • 700 PNG Files
  • 350 Outline Files (48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px)
  • 350 Filled Files (48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px, 512x512px)
  • 140 SVG Files
  • 70 Outline Files
  • 70 Filled Files