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Welcome to the world of Electronics! Here’s presenting more than 150 Electronic Icons all related to the electronics, electrical equipment and appliances, gadgets, batteries, and household appliances. All lined neatly, with full stroke thickness controllability, you’ll find these electronic icons very easy to use and a great feature to add on to apps, websites, blogs and for selling and merchandising print jobs.Available in a wide form of file formats, you can use them as per your need whenever you want, so download today and spread the light!

Hope you’d love them!

  • 1 AI
  • 1 EPS
  • 1 PDF
  • 1 PSD (Layer by Layer Icons)
  • 1 CSH
  • 320 SVG (With Storke or Without Stroke)
  • 160 PNG (48x48)
  • Web Iconic Font (HTML / CSS)
  • SVG Sprite (Html / CSS)