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Here you can get a fantastic collection of science and technology flat icons which are provided for your help and assistance. Such high-quality science and technology flat icons are incredibility helpful if you are associated with science and research based business.

In this pack you are with provided a huge collection of awesome flat icons related to missiles, laboratory, chemistry experiments, biological signs, satellite, chemicals, calculator, electricity tools, mixtures, space ships, astrological kit, plants research, physics, mathematics, weight, telescope, tv, books, sunlight, heat, rain, atmosphere and energy. Use this collection in the appropriate science and technology assignment.


  • Ready to use transparent PNG files
  • Easy to change colors or edit shapes in any vector tool such as illustrator
  • Fully re sizable vector graphics
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  • 1 PDF File
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  • 116 SVG File
  • 464 PNG Files (48x48, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512)