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100+ People Vector Icons

Today we are sharing one of the versatile vector icons packs you have ever seen because it is related to People and Society. This pack is having superb people vector icons, which show different human activities.

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100+ Internet Flat Icons

Here is the collection of 120 Internet Flat Icons. These Internet Flat Icons are well-designed to fit your graphic design needs. These are related to laptop, webcam, computer, email, telephone, messaging, USB Flash drive and PC folder.

  • Real-Estate-1
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90 Real Estate Icons

Here you can find a collection of beautifully designed real estate icons. If you are in a real estate, property and construction business, you may need these real estate icons at some point. These real estate icons cannot only help in your website designing, but also for making print material for real estate businesses.

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300 Food Vector Icons

Give your tastebuds a delicious ride and whet your appetite with these amazing 300 Food Vector Icons. This set has been tailor made for you if you happen to be in the food business, are a big food blogger, love to write about food and as a designer, if you feel food is your biggest inspiration!

  • Transport-01
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100 Transport Vector Icons

Enter the world of travel in style with these adorable looking 100 Transport Vector Icons. All designed in vector format, you can change and edit these travel icons to suit your needs. But rest assured, you will fall in love with them as they are with their cheerful color palette and neat, clean design.

  • Electronics-00
  • Electronics-01

100 Electronics Vector Icons

This is a fantastic pack of electronic vector icons which offers you a list of icons related to daily-life electronic products. We can’t live without technological advancement and electronic items are everywhere in our lives.

  • financial-flat-icons-1
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125 Financial Flat Color Icon Set

Explore the world of finance today with these wonderful 125 Financial Flat Color Icon Set. All icons related to finance, banking, economics and money are gathered together in this comprehensive icon set.

  • Science-01
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  • Science-012

150+ Science Vector Icons

Enter the wonderful world of scientific experimentation with these 150+ Science Vector Icons. You will be amazed at what you can discover with this unique collection of all things related to science.

  • merry-christmas-1
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  • merry-christmas-5

80 Christmas Flat Color Icon Set

Christmas might just have passed, but that shouldn’t stop you from designing your favorite Christmas designs. In this wonderful, colored collection, we have gathered 80 Christmas Flat Color Icon Set for you.

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  • medical-5

100+ Medical Flat Color Icon Set

Here is a collection of a 100 Medical Flat Color Icons in a variety of different colors and shapes. All of these medical icons cover the world of medicine be it medical tools and apparatus, or organs, molecules, first aid or human anatomy, ambulances, hospitals or signs related to health and medicine.

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250+ Finance Icons

Crunching numbers can be a boring, tedious task. So leave it for the finance experts, but as far as creating a design for a finance related theme is concerned, be sure that you will be thoroughly amazed by these Finance Icons that will amuse you and be very useful if you’re thinking of making a finance related blog, website or mobile app.

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60 Sports Vector Icons Pack

In our vector pack of the day, we are bringing you a collection of some 60 Awesome Sports Vector Icons. These icons have been grouped together keeping the sports theme in mind, so if you’re designing an app related to sports or need several sports icons in your design, then you should definitely give these a look and download!

  • business-icons-1
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85 Business Vector Icons

Take action today to get access to 85 Business Colored Flat Icons. This pack unveils some stunning Business Colored Flat Icons. It has everything that your Business needs to get graphic design work done.

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  • media-and-advertising

6 Seamless Iconic Patterns

Looking for a great background to go with your web design or publication? Look no further! We are presenting a set of these Seamless Iconic Patterns just for you, that come in a delightful colour background in 6 themes including Party and Celebrations, User Interface, Media and Advertising, Hotel and Restaurant and more!