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75+ Wedding Vector Icons

Planning a wedding can be a hectic affair, especially if you’re the one designing a whole theme behind it! But it need not be a trouble, if you plan ahead and know what you want! So today, we’re bringing you a wonderful collection of these 75+ Wedding Vector Icons.

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1000 Mini Vector Icons

Good things come in small packages, as they say. So today, we thought why don’t we bring you a collection of these teeny tiny 1000 Mini Vector Icons just for those of you who like things small and cute!

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125+ Documents Vector Icons

Enter the world of file sharing and documents with these 125+ Documents Vector Icons. In today’s fast paced world of wireless file transfer, documents and files are flying everywhere from one point to the other all in a matter of seconds.

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125+ Construction Vector Icons

Get ready to construct your designs with these tools and gears all represented in these cool 125+ Construction Vector Icons. Set against a catchy red, these solid toned construction vector icons will definitely make you stop and take notice!

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50+ Fruit and Vegetable Icons

Looking for creative food icons? Use these 50+ Fruit and Vegetable Icons for all your food related designs. From different kinds of fruit and vegetables, you’ll find this collection of food icons quite dynamic and versatile to work with.

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