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150+ Cinema Vector Icons

Bring your love for the cinema and the moving pictures to the forefront when you’re creating your cinema and movie themed designs. In our collection today, we are bringing you an amazing set of 150+ Cinema Vector Icons for all your cinema and film related designs.

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150 Easter Vector Line Icons

Easter is a time that brings everyone together – friends, family, relatives and even strangers. So if you want to create something fresh and lively for this year’s Easter holidays, then download and use today’s set of 150 Easter Vector Line Icons.

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125+ Kitchen Vector Icons

Designing a new kitchen or making plans for the future for your dream kitchen? Sure, you will need lots of ideas… How about we give you a little bit of inspiration and something to get started at the same time? Here is a wonderful collection of some 125+ Kitchen Vector Icons, all ready for you to use and admire.

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100+ Holiday Vector Icons

People around the world love going on holiday. It is the number one thing people plan for all year round which gathers together tourists from everywhere. It is no wonder then that tourist websites and mobile apps are on the rise.

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100+ Transportation Vector Icons

The word goes round in circles, moving on wheels that never stop. Today, we are bringing you a collection of some 100+ Transportation Vector Icons all designed in simple, neat little outlines, with minimal details and covering everything you need to be covered in transportation.

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