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150+ Science Colored Line Icons

Enter the world of scientific discovery and enjoy your design experiments with this pack of 150+ Science Colored Line Icons. Designed creatively with minimal details, these wonderful little science line icons will make you want to cook up a storm in your design laboratories.

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  • music-1
  • music-2

100 Music Colored Line Icons

Here is the finest collection of music colored line icons. This collection is simple, creative and decent to be used in many ways. You can utilize music colored line icons in the graphic designing work at your design agency.

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  • food-5
  • food-4
  • food-3

300 Food Colored Line Icons

All the food you’ve ever dreamed of and more! In this collection, you’ll find every kind of food icon for all types of food – raw or cooked, desserts or savories, fruit or vegetable, all in one neat little package.

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  • hotel-and-restaurant-4

250 Hotel Colored Line Icons

Forget Monopoly! When you see these wonderful little 250 Hotel Colored Line Icons, you’ll want to create and live in your own properties. Designed with neat lines in bright colors, these line icons will be perfect to add to your maps or design work related to hotels and location apps.

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  • medical-1
  • medical-2

100 Medical Colored Line Icons

Find the superb and aesthetically designed colored lines icons for medical field. The designs of these medical icons are simple and elegant enough to impress anyone who thinks little out of the box, because these medical colored lines icons show simplicity in the coloring and designing.

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  • furniture-1
  • furniture-2

100 Furniture Colored Line Icons

Here is your chance to get an awesome collection of furniture colored line icons for your next project. Whether you are working on any interior design, construction or furniture related client, these colored line icons are going to play an important part in your designing.

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  • weather-1
  • weather-2

60 Weather Colored Line Icons

Here is an awesome collection of 60 Weather Colored Lined Icons. Use these amazing Weather icons in a variety of ways. Whenever you need to add clouds, lightning, thunderstorm, sky and temperature related icons in your design, this pack would be the most essential thing to use.

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