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150+ Business and Finance Icons

Looking for some business and finance related icons for your designs? Use today’s collection of these amazing 150+ Business and Finance Icons. In this set of icons, you will everything related to the world of business and finance, all represented in cool line icons.

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175+ Buildings and Furniture Icons

Here is a huge collection of all the interior and exterior vectors for buildings and furniture you will ever need! Our selection of these 175+ Buildings and Furniture Icons will work perfectly for all your designs related to buildings and creating cool interiors with furniture.

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100+ Files and Folders Icon

Files and folders are a great way to share and organize your data, whether online or in real life. So, if you’re looking for a way to show files and folders in your web interface, use today’s set of these 100+ Files and Folders Icons.

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200 Sports Colored Line Icons

Bring a bit of sporty fun into your designs with these 200 Sports Colored Line Icons. Perfectly lined, neat and great to look at, these sports icons will make you want to move and settle for nothing but the very best in all your designs.

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